For 2017 Meet the Manufacturer will be holding live workshops and demonstrations in the ‘AE Sewing Studio’ in Hall T1.

Over the course of the two days you’ll have the opportunity to meet some of the best makers in the UK and watch them in action. As well as learning first hand what it takes to produce quality goods in the UK.

The B2B workshops are drop-in and will run throughout the day on both event days.

Demonstrations planned so far include:

  • Award winning milliner Chloe Hayward London demonstrating how to make a hat.
  • Don’t know your lockstitch from your coverstitch? Leading sewing machine supplier AE Sewing will show you what’s what in the world of industrial sewing machines
  • Pattern cutting tutor extraordinaire, Jan Bigg-Wither, will be teaching creative pattern-cutting techniques
  • Screen printing experts, the Huddersfield Printing Company, will be printing live at the show
  • Ruth Glen, specialist in the design, development and prototyping of leather handbags, will show what it takes to produce a quality leather bag
  • Jenny Holloway from Fashion Enter will be demonstrating what quality really means in the world of garment production

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AE Sewing – sponsors of the Sewing Studio will be on-hand all day to demonstrate the latest industrial sewing equipment

Chloe Haywood

Ruth Glenn

Jenny Holloway, Fashion Enter

Huddersfield Screenprinting Co.