“The lazy shorthand that “British Manufacturing is dead” is simply wrong.  Everybody selling anything – particularly clothing and homewares – should ask themselves “could we have made that in the UK?” and ask the question seriously because there’s a good chance the answer is yes. Making things in this country creates jobs and skills of course, but it’s also good for brand reputations, customer relationships and the environment.  There’s a new age of consumerism coming where the price quality equation will start to balance again. I’m passionate about British manufacturing and delighted to be associated with Make it British”

Mary Portas
Mary PortasChief Creative Officerwww.portas.com

@makeitbritish I wish I could be there. Should be amazing!

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Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker@SJP

“Rebuilding infrastructure is about more than walls and machines. It is vital that we support connecting manufacturers and the businesses they need and vice versa.  The Meet the Manufacturer event is a long time coming but a welcome addition to the UK manufacturing scene. Since founding Albam we have had first hand experience of the difficulties in finding manufacturers and making it work, so to speak about the experiences gained is simply the start.”

James Shaw
James ShawFounder, Albam Clothingwww.albamclothing.com

“Meet the Manufacturer is a key event in the 2014 Textile industry calendar for a number of reasons, none more so than the fact that the demand and requirement for British apparel and technical textile manufacturing is on the up. It is a turning point in our lives and the start of rebuilding not only our own manufacturing but also the industry infrastructure. It is a very exciting time for all of us”

Toby Gaddum
Toby GaddumManaging Director, Tempus

“I am proud to be manufacturing in the North East and am delighted to have been asked to speak at such a pivotal event. Meet the Manufacturer is a fantastic opportunity for buyers and entrepreneurs alike to meet the makers. Hopefully we will inspire others to follow suit and bring manufacture]ing back to the UK, competing on quality and time, not price.”

Kate Dawson
Kate DawsonDirector, The All-in-One Companywww.the-all-in-one-company.co.uk

“There is a huge amount of interest and demand for made in UK fashion and textiles, especially from abroad, where our heritage, quality and skills are much appreciated (almost more than at home) – so Meet the Manufacturer has come at the right time.  As a consumer and admirer of UK-made products, I’m really excited to be a part of it. British manufacturing has all the advantages of sustainable and ethical production and brings significant benefits for customers, for jobs, and for the British economy.”

David Evans
David EvansGrey Fox Blog

“Every designer we work with wants to create & produce in Britain. This event is key to making that a reality.”

Debra Hepburn
Debra HepburnCo-founder, Young British Designers